About Us

Nicky started swing dancing 24 years ago, and since then she has taught dance all over Gloucestershire to both adults and children in numerous schools and colleges. She is a qualified Gloucestershire dance leader and has an ability to reach people of all ages with her upbeat sense of humour and style.

Jim is a protégé of the great "Big Ron" Leslie and he has a natural ability to feel the soul of the music. One top UK Swing DJ recently stated he is "One of our favourite sons". He loves swing music and dance, and he is forever scouring the charity shops for obscure vinyl, chasing the next "Tune".

We have been teaching Jive, Lindy Hop and Shag together for 14 years. We have taught at various schools, colleges, dance societies and weekend dance camps including, Jumping at the Woodside, Rock Bottoms, Hulzapoppin, Hep Cats Holiday.

We teach a variety of dance styles, including a fab collegiate Shag, which is our passion. Our own personal style has been described as "smooooth" across the range of dances. We love to teach, and our enthusiasm and humour allow us to reach people of all ages.

For details of our regular weekly classes, please click here.